Basic Skills to Help Achieve Career Success

Career Success

In addition to the specific skills required in a particular job, there are certain ones that are mandatory for any position’s career success.

Basic Employee Skills Required In Any Job

Reading comprehension and basic writing skills, analytical mathematical skills, chart reading and the ability to read drawings are basic skills for most job. There are skills that should be achieved by the end of high school. Yes, sometimes, they have deteriorated from disuse and are not what they should be in order to obtain a position.

Other skills are basic computer and keyboard knowledge and operation. Ability to operate fax and copy machines is essential for functioning in any organization in any position


Most interviews include group discussions, so the interviewer may judge the speaking skills of an applicant. Do they speak with clarity, to the point, positively, and politely? Will the communication skills be adequate for good customer relations? Will this potential employee be able to communicate effectively on the job in getting a point across and in understanding what is being explained?

Functioning efficiently in a group or team is essential to being an effective employee.

Positive Approach

When in search of a job, the more applications you send out, the better the chances that you will land an interview. It is all a matter of numbers. Sending out just one or two  applications will afford you a slim chance of receiving a reply. A positive and enthusiastic approach is to identify what employers are looking for in an employee and send an application better and resume tailored to that employer.

When you do interview, your attitude and how you approach life will overcome many of the shortcomings you might have in some of the skills. This scenario is applicable also within the organization.

Promotions are dependent on how outgoing and positive you are in what you do.

Performance Level

No job is ever permanent, so if you are comfortably secure in what you are doing, it’s time to be cautious. You never know what is in store and when you may not be needed. Your performance is being watched at all times. You need to prove your value and worth to the organization you are in, and constantly increase your contribution by honing the skills you have and developing new ones.

Climbing the career ladder is a learned behavior. Set goals and achieve them. Learn new and better skills. Apply new concepts and ideas and employ these toward better performance. Better yourself by enrolling yourself in private classes. Accomplish more by way of self-study and seminars. In other words, increase your qualification.

Read books, literature and browse the internet. Brush up on skills that are rusting. Always show you keenness to learn and improve yourself. These will help you to avoid being put in the spotlight when your employer is ready to downsize.

Good performance and skill improvement will not only lead to success in your career, it will keep you out of the unemployment lines.



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